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Dear Customer,

The following are not exclusive to 5 Star Auto Glass, but the nature of the windshield repair process:

-Chips are evaluated at the time of appointment, prior to the repair, to ensure they can be repaired - not all chips are repairable.

-Laminated glass is a very fragile material, and combined with the pressure required to inject resin into the damage, a chip can further spread/crack during the repair process. If a chip spreads/cracks during the repair process, the repair cost will be waived.

-A chip repair is a structural repair method, with, the ability of providing limited aesthetic benefits.

-Results vary, and chips do not 'disappear' - there will always be 'scaring.' The type of chip, location, ambient temperature, among other variables, will determine how much 'scaring' remains. Below, you'll find a realistic example of a successful repair.

-Repairs will appear differently at different angles, and 'scaring' will be more visible from inside of the vehicle.


If the repair develops into a crack, at any time while you own or lease the vehicle, the repair cost will be credited towards a replacement.


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